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  1. Our Services

    Founded in 1999 we have earned our expertise in Ship Chartering and Operating from Small Handy to Panamax size vessels. We operate bulk, break-bulk cargoes on many routes and worldwide destinations. Besides operated tonnages we have been booking Cargoes, COA's, partial shipments. We are mainly active in Far East, SE Asia, India, Middle East, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, and Med/Black Sea routes.

    Our distinct advantages for ship owners:

    • As ex-sailors we understand shipping business inside-out.
    • We always make sure that your Vessels are employed profitably.
    • We have excellent command on modern technology hence we take great care of your ships.
    • We have a defensive operating strategy to avoid any unforeseen risks and damages to your assets.
    • We choose our routes carefully and preferably go to easy ports.
    • Our top management and founders, all ex-sailors, are actively involved in our day-to-day activities.