About Us

For Traders/manufacturers

  1. Besides Ship Chartering and Operating we have our own trading operations. This gives us a distinct perspective and helps us to understand the pain points of manufacturers and traders. Little wonder, trading companies and cargo owners find working with us extremely easy. We have trading experience in a large variety of commodities including but not limited to steel and steel products, cement/clinker, agro-products, forest products, food, fertilizers, and minerals.

    As traders you can think of us as your buddies that bring to you the following benefits:

    • Full back up and support services – we are always there for you!
    • Assisting in predicting the costs accurately
    • Deep knowledge so that you can trade safely
    • Transparent, credible and law-abiding business practices thanks to our base in Singapore
    • We are a real company that you can contact anytime
    • Leverage onour knowledge and experience of handling complex cargo assignments
    • Leverage on our business networks and alliances, information systems and memberships of international trading associations
    • End-to-end contract management: We take total responsibility of drawing up contracts on behalf of traders, following the whole operations, performing and completing the assignments right up to collecting documents and finalizingoutstanding dues on both sides – shippers and traders. In short, we always close the files.
    • Total control over operations with an ability to handle contingencies and support clients through all situations.